Be a Business Genius

Propel us into the next generation of consumer robotics

A place where the extraordinary happens

It's not about doing the same thing day-in and day-out. You'll be challenged to go outside of the norm, to think differently about what our customers' wants and needs. We are looking for those who can imagine the extraordinary; only then can we deliver the future.

What does it mean to be a business genius?

“We are working in a dynamic company that's growing very fast, so we're all empowered to make decisions.”
– Sushmita, Director, Strategic Sourcing

“I get to use my skills to help create practical robots for the real world.”
– Tim, Director of Product Marketing

“The passion to innovate: We take everything we learn in one day and we apply it to the next thing we do either that afternoon or the day after.”
– Meridith, Senior Digital Portfolio Manager

“Leveraging the voice of the customer so we can  deliver the service that creates not just happy customers, but loyal customers”
– Corey, Director Global Customer Service

Be More

One of the most empowering parts of my job so far has been the make a wish visits that come to iRobot. These kids could do anything they want and all they want to do for a day is be a Roboteer, a robot engineer, with us.

- Cara, STEM Program Coordinator

Cool Products

When you are working at iRobot, you have the opportunity to build something, to build something huge. You are shaping the future.

- Kaitlin, Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Agile Thinking

We are changing the perspective that people have on robotics and we are changing the way people are interacting with their environment. We are changing what people can do and that is so exciting.

- Ryan, Human Resources Generalist

Dynamic Personalities

We need all types of people to shape the future. And every single person that works at this company plays a really important role.

- Tim, Director of Product Marketing