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About Us

As part of iRobot’s Corporate Development team, iRobot Ventures fosters engagement with the entrepreneurs and early-stage companies that are driving innovation in consumer robotics and across the connected hardware ecosystem.

We understand how hard it is to bring a product to market, let alone build a company. We also believe investors should provide more than just capital and validation. iRobot Ventures delivers value by facilitating access to our engineering and operations resources, as well as a network of external service providers, investors and partners.

In summary, we:

  • Seek investments that are strategic in nature and generate attractive financial returns
  • Syndicate with top-tier VC firms, strategic investors and angels
  • Provide access to internal and external resources
  • Embrace standard terms
  • Make informed investment decisions rapidly
  • Do not seek special treatment or control

Our Focus

iRobot Ventures supports teams that are passionate about using technology to solve hard problems. We invest in applications that are adjacent to our core business or represent new market opportunities, and participate in the early stages of the innovation lifecycle, where we feel we have the most to add. We are geographic agnostic and focused on the following:

  • Consumer technology
  • Service-based business models
  • Recurring revenue streams
  • Cloud services & infrastructure
  • Computer vision
  • Localization & mapping
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Robotic mobility & manipulation

Portfolio Highlights

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6 River Systems
6 River Systems
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Sense logo
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Knit Health
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Intuition Robotics Logo
Intuition Robotics
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Escher Reality
Escher Reality
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News and Activities

 4/04/18  6 River Systems Raises $25 Million Series B to Make Warehouse Fulfillment Easier
2/01/18 Pokémon GO Creator Niantic Buys Escher Reality AR Startup
7/26/17 6 River Systems Raises $15 Million to Meet Growing Customer Demand for its Robotic Collaborative Fulfillment System
7/11/17 Intuition Robotics Raises $14 Million to Build Social Companion Robots for Elderly People
02/14/17 Intuition Robotics Raised $6 Million for its ElliQ Elder Care Assistant Robot
01/11/17 Growing Elderly Population Creates New Opportunities for Technology
— Wall Street Journal
01/05/17 iRobot Invests in a Cambridge ‘Smart Home’ Startup, Sense Labs
— Boston Globe
01/05/17 Sense Brings the Smarts to Smart Home Automation at CES® 2017
— Globe Newswire
03/29/16 6 River Systems Raises $6 Million in VC Financing
— Business Wire
10/26/15 Petnet Raises $4M from Amazon, iRobot and Black River to Expand its Personalized Pet Food Delivery Ecosystem
— Business Wire
01/26/15 Five Things You Should Know About iRobot's New Venture Arm
— Boston Business Journal - Davis Harris
01/23/15 The Dawn Of Our Robot Overlords Inches Closer As iRobot Starts VC Shop
— TechCrunch - Jonathan Shieber
11/03/14 Paracosm Secures 3.3M in Seed Funding
— Paracosm




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