• 7/21/2018
    I used a robot mop to clean my floors to see if it could do a better job – and it took care of a thankless household chore with ease
    “The fact that the iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop is so easy to use is just icing on the cake, a cake I could eat off the floor after this mop has done its thing.”
    — Business Insider - Steven John
  • 7/15/2018
    5 Robot Vacuums That Can Clean Your Home When You’re Not Even There
    “The iRobot Roomba is arguably the most important name in robotic vacuums. The company was among the first to release a robotic vacuum, and since then the name “Roomba” has become synonymous with the very concept of the robotic vacuum… The iRobot Roomba 980, in particular is at the top of its class.”
    — Forbes - Christian de Looper
  • 7/10/2018
    Best robot vacuums: 6 best robot vacuum cleaners that do all the dirty work
    Roomba is synonymous with robot vacuums, and this is never more exemplified than in the iRobot Roomba 980.”
    — Tech Radar - Michelle Fitzsimmons
  • 6/15/2018
    Automation: How iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner became part of the family
    iRobot founder and CEO Colin Angle sat down with Colin Barker from ZDNet to discuss how iRobot was founded and the company’s journey from MIT to creating a new category for household cleaning robots.
    — ZDNet – Colin Barker
  • 6/10/2018
    20 Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day
    Not only does the iRobot Roomba 690 help clean up around the house, sweeping and suctioning up bits of dirt and debris as it goes, but it’s also WiFi-enabled and works with Alexa for voice control. All he needs to do is use the accompanying app to start and end cleanings, and even schedule cleanings ahead of time.
    — Heavy - Kate Halse
  • 6/8/2018
    5 Unexpected Things Modern Couples Are Registering For
    Modern couples’ registries are quickly changing. 20% of couples register for home electronics. “Next to standard wedding gifts like dishes and blenders, today's couples are also wishing for goods like Google Home, Roombas and even paddle boards.
    — Apartment Therapy - Marissa Hermanson
  • 6/7/2018
    Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas
    One of iRobot’s most popular (and most affordable) robot vacuums, the Roomba 690 now has Wi-Fi connectivity – which means dad can use it with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant... There’s even a special technology that recognizes concentrated areas of dirt and provides additional cleaning in those spots, while the iRobot HOME App will let him clean and schedule conveniently from anywhere, at any time.
    — Modern Mom - Inna Lapin
  • 6/1/2018
    This robot vacuum leaves all others in its dust
    iRobot’s Roomba 960 receives a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, as well as the ‘Editor’s Choice’ moniker. Pros of the robot vacuum include its navigation, voice compatibility and Wi-Fi connectivity.
    — TechHive - Michael Ansaldo
  • 5/23/2018
    The Smart Appliances That Actually Make My Kitchen Better
    Slate features Braava jet on this list of smart kitchen appliances. “It trundles around every hard-tiled surface, navigating its way around chair legs, the kitchen island, toilet, and more.”
    — Slate
  • 5/23/2018
    Robotics Revolutionizing Senior Lifestyles
    Household robotics aren’t really anything new. They began with the Roomba, the robotic vacuum that cleans rugs and floors all by itself… Seniors will find them very useful especially those with back or knee problems.
    — Senior.com - Kimberly Johnson
  • 5/17/2018
    15 Father’s Day gift ideas for the dad obsessed with tech
    “The Roomba by iRobot can clean an entire floor by employing its visual localization technology, running for up to 75 minutes before heading back to its dock to recharge. A companion app will let your dad schedule cleaning duties and customize cleaning preferences via smartphone.”
    — Mashable - Carlos Cadorniga
  • 5/13/2018
    QVC’s Famous Moms Share Their Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Picks
    Kerstin Lindquist, co-host of Saturday Morning Q and other programs, shares her picks for moms including Roomba 690. “The iRobot is the best invention since carpool. This is like giving mom the gift of time, a house keeper and a friend all in one. Mine is working non-stop in my crazy house and it gives me at least an hour of my life back each day.
    — E News! - Mike Vulpo