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I like using the Roomba. It is easy and does a great job. It even gets under furniture with ease that is usually such an effort to do. It's thorough and with the mobile app, I can even start it when I am away to do its work before I get home!
— Jeffre S., Roomba 980 user,
Roomba is a life saver. It also is a time saver. Even more, it is a dirt destroyer. Yes, the Roomba is the real deal. My floors and rugs never looked and felt so clean. Thank You Roomba!!
— Kevin L., Roomba 980 user,
I like that I can let the Roomba roam free throughout my household without worry. It truly reaches places that my own vacuum could not clean. I highly recommend it to all.
— Amiee C., Roomba 980,
"We're constantly hoping for Roombas that incorporate new capabilities that will make them better at their jobs, and today, iRobot has come through."
— IEEE (Institute for Electronic Engineers) Spectrum, 11/12/13
"No, it looks nothing like Rosie the Robot Maid but the latest version of [Roomba] does a marvelous job navigating the unstructured environment of most homes."
Boing Boing, 10/07/13
“One thing is for sure and that is [Roomba 760 and 770] are both great robot vacuums & you won't be disappointed with either."
InfoBarrel, 08/28/13
Favorite Gadget List: A Roomba
— Marie Claire, 06/18/13 What's On: Olivia Munn
"Since Roomba launched in 2002 the home robotic vacuum cleaners industry has advanced dramatically and Consumer Reports says, 'Roomba did a better job cleaning simply because it went over the room multiple times.' CTV Toronto first reported this news story and between the two outlets, almost 100,000 viewers were reached."
NBC, 10/01/13
"I recently got a Roomba vacuum - the greatest gift I've ever given myself"
— Oprah Magazine, 07/05/13 How Alabama Shakes Singer Brittany Howard Lives Her Best Life

Braava jet

“iRobot's Braava jet did a good job on tile and my hardwood floors, it never ran over a rug or got tripped up or caught under furniture. It's a real set-it-and-forget-it device.”
Mashable, 08/04/16


“The Braava can now complete your trio of robot cleaning servants. The Roomba will vacuum for you, the Scooba will scrub floors clean, and the Braava will dry or damp mop floors to maintain that clean look and feel. If you’re like me, you hate that dirty dusty feeling of unkempt hard floors.”
Robotics Trends, 08/23/13
“Eliminating another boring job and leaving it for a mechanized servant is iRobot with the introduction of the Braava. The automatic mop cleans and wipes your floor so you’ll get that much needed quality time.”
Plunder Guide, 08/25/13
"Simple and, above all, quiet, is a great ally for cleaning the house."
— #assodigitale, 06/12/13 Want to Clean House With Effort? iRobot Braava Does it For You
"Braava is the perfect complementary solution for quick daily maintenance of floors ... leaving them free of dust or other debris."
Info Comercial, 07/01/13


"As with all of the iRobot genius automated maids, Scooba (450) is insanely easy to use"
— Gizmodo, 01/18/14
“I am tired of mopping even though I have only a small area to cover. In any case, I would love to have of these.”
Mike Shouts, 08/27/13
"I like a lot of things about this robot, especially that it’s smart enough to separate clean water from dirty water as it goes—instead of just regurgitating the same water and pushing it across the floor, like a mop."
Wall Street Journal, 04/27/11
"Scooba’s ability to quietly, efficiently and automatically wash your floor for you is pretty impressive"
New York Times, 04/07/11
"When I got it I was wondering what it could do since it is so small. Then it went behind the toilet....That's what makes this so useful"
— CZ, iRobot customer from Baltimore, MD, USA,
"At 80 with three dogs and two cats I love this little guy."
— iRobot customer from Washington State, USA,
"One can imagine the Scooba as being a very tiny version of those street cleaners, except iRobot designed their machine to clean more effectively using multiple passes.”
— Apartment Therapy, 06/07/11
"It's a pretty cute little robot to watch at work. It's brisk. Determined. Feisty, even. It clearly wants to do a bang-up job, and it's going put in as much effort as its round little body is capable of to get your floors clean"
— IEEE (Institute for Electronic Engineers) Spectrum, 03/24/11


“So sit back, soak in the nice weather while this mechanical friend does the dirty work! Hmm – is this too good to be true?”
Cool Material, 08/24/13
"Whose dad wouldn’t want a gutter-cleaning robot?"
— Los Angeles Times, 06/23/13 Father's Day Gift Guide for the Tech Savvy Dad
"I Love this thing"
— Wall Street Journal Live, 05/14/13 Gadgets to Make Your Home Cooler
"I feel like a kid with a remote control car, it's a blast to use and I believe it works great."
— Mike, iRobot customer from Baltimore, MA, USA,
"Cleaning gutters typically ranks up there with taxes and dental work, but iRobot's Looj makes it easy"
— Family Circle, 06/01/13 Top Tech Picks for 2013


"The underwater robot removes the debris you can see and the hidden stuff you cannot. It will remove algae and other biological matter as small as two microns."
Forbes, 01/14/13
"Like other iRobot home-cleaner automatons, the Mirra 530 sizes up the pool and is fully aware of its environment. It makes multiple passes over the floor and walls of the pool, always avoiding entangling itself with its own power cord."
Mashable, 01/04/13